Athlete Representation & Management

Many athletes are able to achieve success and seek to earn a living in their sport. We help them build personal brand recognition, acquire endorsements and manage their professional profile. From start to finish and beyond, athletes are able to focus on training while we manage all their business affairs.

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Event Management

We specialize in record breaking event management, Fastest Known Times or Guinness World Records. Many ultra-endurance athletes seek to find limitless possibilities in their mental physical abilities.  We help them take their idea form start to completion by securing funds, building a support team, creating media and PR and help them meet or exceed their record breaking goal.

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Media & PR

What professional runners do is important and we believe the stories are worth sharing.  Press releases are significant to help journalist incorporate these stories into popular print and online media outlets. We work with athletes and brands to share these meaningful stories strategically to help advance the sport.

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Next Steps...

Contact us if you're looking for representation or there's an awesome idea you have for a record breaking run.  We'd like to hear about it.