Born on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, Trasie and her family immigrated to San Diego, California, USA when she was four years old.  Her parents worked hard as refugees with the aid of many government welfare programs to support their 5 children the first few years in their adopted country.  They struggled and overcame language and cultural barriers.  Her mom was very entrepreneurial and eventually owned a very successful sportswear manufacturing business while her father worked as an assembler for Solar Turbines.

  Trasie started running in high school and college as a form of exercise.  After many marathons, she discovered ultra marathons in 2009 and ran her first ultra marathon that year. Since then, she has completed many 50Ks, 50Ms and has run as far as 81 miles at 2013 Badwater Salton Sea.  Read more about her personal running story at the 2103 Boston Marathon bombings.

  Trasie's parents instilled in her that through education, opportunities and doors open.  Trasie studied hard and graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Biology and plans to become a doctor.  No sooner did she realize that helping people can happen in many ways.  She discovered her talents in business and management combined with years of knowledge and training in the healthcare industry was effective in helping athletes realize their dreams in endurance sports, thrive and earn a good living.  While Trasie and her team of professionals works on the business of sports management, athletes can focus on training and performance.  

She believes that ultrarunning is in it's infancy stages.  Athletes whose stories can be told to help brands be more profitable, thus elevating the sport levels compared to tennis and golf. Running is the #1 participatory sport yet athletes know very little about it's history and place in human evolution.  It needs to be known as a valuable activity that enriches people's lives, not something people hate to do. Trasie's mission is to work through collaboration and staged ultra distance events to make running an exciting sport for spectators and participants. 

Trasie's personal core values in health and well being is focused on the individual.  She believes that our bodies will be healthy and well with proper nutrition and exercise.  She generally follows a plant based diet and spends time in the outdoors 5-6 days a week 1-4 hours each time. She and her husband, Carroll Pope, also an accomplished distance runner, there dog Ping reside in San Diego, California.

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